Registered Sex Offenders

Under Texas law, people convicted of certain sex offenses must register with the local law enforcement agency where they reside. The law also requires the law enforcement agency that registers the convicted offender to notify the public of the offender’s presence in the community, through a notice printed in the local newspaper. In Garland, the public is informed by a notice printed in the legal notices section of the Garland Morning News.

Keeping the Garland Citizens Informed

To further keep the citizens of Garland informed, the Garland Police Department provides a link to the Texas Department of Public Safety’s interactive Sex Offender Map. 

The information contained on the DPS’s map may not be the most current and the information on the map may not reflect the current residences or statuses of the registered sex offenders. Garland’s most current sex offender information will be contained on the Registered Sex Offender list.

Additional Resources

A free web-based alert system can also be found at Family Watchdog.